Are you pre-ill and going to die from a NCD?

Are you pre-ill and going to die from a NCD?
The World Health Organisation confirmed in September 2011 that non communicable diseases (NCDs) were responsible for about 36 million of the 57 million global deaths in 2008 (the most recent numbers available).  This is 63% of global deaths from preventable illness.  This includes about 9 million people, before the age of 60, dying painful, horrible early deaths, leaving behind children, spouses and family.  Alcohol, smoking, drugs and very poor dietary choices are behind this terrible early death rate.  NCDs pose a global health-care challenge unlike any ever faced throughout history.  Every day more than 100,000 people drop dead from a NCD.  This is the staggering, chilling and heart-breaking reality of our food, alcohol, smoking and drug culture. 

By 2030, more than 75% of all global deaths will be NCDs.  AND GROWING.

What we are currently doing is not working
For most of the 150,000 years of human evolution we ate a plant-based wholefood diet.  We were used to going without food for periods and eating only raw or freshly-caught foods.  Now we have too much food to eat, most of it highly processed and nutritionally useless.  The top 10 foods eaten now in most developed countries are: cow’s milk, white sugar and sweeteners, white flour, processed cheese, white bread products, fizzy/soft/energy/soda/cola drinks, processed meats, coffee and takeaway junk-foods. 

How is our health doing right now?  Not well at all. 

  • We are sicker, younger than any time in history
  • Cancer rates have gone from 1.6% in 1900 to 29%
  • Heart disease has gone from 2% in 1900 to 40%
  • Obesity has doubled in the last 30 years alone
  • So has diabetes
  • Diabetes was predicted to hit 287 million by 2020
  • It passed 350 million in 2008, and growing... 
  • We have almost 30% of humans overweight

Do you want to know your risk of becoming just another NCD death? 
If you live the modern lifestyle, eat the modern foods, drink the modern alcohol and smoke the modern cigarettes then you are already pre-ill and heading for a nice warm bed in a nice modern hospital taking nice modern drugs that will unfortunately not cure your nice modern lifestyle disease.  Over 95% of people in the West now die from obesity, diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart disease, or smoking-related illness.  If you eat the typical modern 3,500 calorie daily diet of nutrient-poor, low-fibre, sugar-rich, refined carbohydrates, highly-processed animal foods and toxic rancid fats, then your odds are 9.9 out of 10 of dying of one of the above preventable diseases in your 60s or 70s; after a long, slow, painful decline in health. 

NCDs are now the #1 Global Health Concern
NCDs have already affected you.  You have grown up with them all around you.  We are the generation of industry and privilege that comes with a sting in its tail.  A father, a mother, a grandparent robbed years before their time, a friend, brother or sister.  The sheer scope of the problem calls for new solutions related to prevention because you cannot eat yourself sick and then drug yourself well.  You can only eat yourself sick and then eat yourself well.  You cannot treat NCDs with modern medicine as they do not treat or cure them at the cause.  NCDs are lifestyle diseases and require lifestyle changes to prevent, treat, reverse and cure them. 

Can this be realistically achieved? 
Of course, I have seen it happen with hundreds of people I have worked with.  You can choose what to eat, you can choose where to buy it, you can choose what to grow and you can choose where to live.  Make those choices wisely.  Education is always the answer.  Most people, once educated about their life-expectancy and lifestyle choices, will change if they are shown the way how to.  The main hindrance to your health evolution is the uncontrolled and insipid widespread advertising and marketing of the food, alcohol, tobacco and drug industries.  Rubbish such as “alcohol is good for you” or “our breakfast cereals make your kids strong!” or “smoke this cigarette and you will stay slim”.  Once they took over the supply chain and made it all about the almighty dollar, rather than about health and the service of the people (making a tidy profit is fine – just not a killing), then it was just a matter of time.  Our awful sick health says that time has come. 

As from United Nations Headquarters, New York, September 2011 and reported on September 18, 2011 by The Guardian.  The 2011 high level meeting on the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) is only the second after the historical first meeting on AIDS.  NCDs have now surpassed communicable diseases as the world’s primary health concern. 

Posted: Thursday 22 September 2011