About The Feel Alive Plan

  • Are you ready to transform your health and vitality?
  • Are you fed up with being regularly sick, tired, unwell, unmotivated and overweight?
  • Are you interested in exceptional health but just don't know where to start?

A word about the programme from Jason

“The birth of the Feel Alive Plan was a result of hundreds of people asking me what I did to cure my asthma, allergies, colds, flu’s, bugs, pains, constipation, digestive issues, weight-gain and fatigue. If you are interested in improving your health in any way at all – losing weight, looking younger, feeling more energised, avoiding illness, educating your kids or living longer... without disease – then please consider joining us. This programme is for you and anyone you know who would like to genuinely get healthy, overcome their health issues and feel significantly better.

“We are not an online retailer.  We do not sell any supplements or appliances on The Feel Alive Plan. We make our recommendations and then it is over to you.  The Feel Alive Plan is about food and lifestyle choices and the MASSIVE difference they make to your health and energy levels. We educate you so that you can take control of your future health and we teach you how to make amazing food to support that process. I have studied food and its dramatic effect on human health for 25 years. When you do The Feel Alive Plan, you get access to me and my vast resource of information and expertise as well as literally hundreds of simple, delicious recipes to help you change the way you eat and transform your health for good.”

Here are just some of the results we are getting from the current Feel Alive Plan members:

• losing weight and keeping it off
• feeling better and brighter
• being happier
• feeling more vital and energised
• improving exercise times (getting fitter)
• healing illness
• inspired by all the amazing recipes we provide
• being able to go off medication
• not getting sick
• changing the way they eat and loving it
• much lower work absenteeism 
First-ever Feel Alive Plan Graduates

And here’s what some of our members have been saying...

“Feeling firm in the tummy”
“The easiest 29kg I have ever lost”
“No period pains, funny tummy or irritability leading up to my periods now”
“Feeling amazing, not exhausted anymore”
“Getting angry less, my stress levels are down”
“Vastly improved skin, huge lowering of psoriasis”
“I am able to handle work stress much easier”
“Feel less bloated, feel more awake, not collapsing into bed at 9.30pm”
“I have so much more energy”
“I had to buy new pants because the old ones are so loose now!”
“Fabulous content; what is covered is in the handful of the best I have ever heard in my life”
“I followed your great advice about feeling sluggish and other suggestions, and have felt great since and also dropped 25kgs! A huge change of life! Keep up the great work”
“Both informative and interesting... you have no idea how rare that is!”

The Feel Alive Plan is Life-Changing

The Feel Alive Plan is unique, personal and powerful and will take you on a journey like no other. It is like having someone walking beside you for a year helping you change and transform lifelong habits – quite possibly helping you to add years to your life in the process. After being very sick with asthma, skin problems, bowel problems and more in his youth, Jason is now a picture of exceptional health and is a walking example of what can be achieved as a result of living your life this way.

The Feel Alive Plan is based on Jason distilling and sharing what he has learnt over 25 years of study and putting it into an easy-to-learn, stimulating, educational yet fun years’ worth of health mentoring. This 12-month programme cuts through all the sales and marketing hype that constantly comes at you from the modern world. It gets right to the heart of what you need to do in this fast-paced life to achieve sustainable, long-term health and vitality. It takes you back to the core basics of diet, lifestyle and exercise. The bottom line? It teaches you how to eat well, get well and stay well and how to achieve exceptional health. And it teaches you how to do it for the rest of your life.

Joel with sproutsHow Did It All Begin?

The Feel Alive Plan started very organically a few years ago with a group of friends meeting regularly in our living room to talk about health. It went so well with people getting such life-changing results that we eventually started offering it to the wider community. This is now what we consider to be our mission – to teach people how to live a long, healthy life without drugs or disease.

This programme is about how to completely transform your health, weight and vitality by modifying what you eat and how you manage your lifestyle. We are currently running groups in Auckland and Hamilton with some of the participants reporting absolutely miraculous health results in just a matter of months.

In response to demand from all around the country and beyond, we are thrilled to now offer a fully online mentoring programme. Whilst retaining the personal touch, our online programme also provides you with exclusive access to the members’ forum (sharing recipes, ideas, success stories, tips and much more), you get to watch the seminars from your own living room and you get twice the content of emails and education direct from us.

Boys with green smoothiesThe Feel Alive Plan Will Teach You:

  • How to transform your energy and vitality levels
  • How to return to youthful, glowing skin
  • How to lower your risk of almost all modern lifestyle disease
  • How to get your weight to your healthy optimum size
  • How to live a long, healthy, drug-free life
  • How to raise strong, healthy children
  • How to cook amazing, delicious food that feeds and nourishes your body

The Feel Alive Plan – What Do You Get?

Lotus A programme folder to set you up and see you through the programme with information, recipes and tips to get you started.  This folder becomes your ‘bible’ and can be added to throughout the months as you gather information, recipes and articles that inspire and motivate you.

Lotus A monthly online seminar led by Jason covering one topic in great detail with everything you need to know about it.  Topics include Meat and Cancer, Fasting – The Miracle Cure, Vegetables and Why You Need Them, Probiotics, Digestion & Bowel Health, The Myths about Dairy Products, The Western Wheat-Overload Syndrome, and much more.  We film live seminars with our Auckland group.  You get exactly what they get, except you watch them from the comfort of your own home – instead of having to go out in the Auckland rain and traffic!

SaladLotus Tracey sends out three awesome tried-and-tested, absolutely delicious, yet super-healthy recipes each week.   Tracey’s recipes add to your new way of eating so you always have something fresh and new to try but with NO RECIPE DISASTERS!

Lotus Jason sends three one-page (easily-read) emails per week on a myriad of cutting-edge and scientifically proven topics.  These articles draw on the longest-lived people’s health information (10 different categories in all) to educate you in simple terms about how your health works, what to do and why.  These will cover all those things you always wanted to know about health like “How much sunshine is ideal?”  “Where do I get my protein?”  “How do I get enough iron and calcium?”  “How do I break my food addictions?”  “What do I feed my kids?”  “What can I have for dinner?”  “How do I satisfy my sweet cravings?” and much more.

Lotus A powerful framework from which to operate.  For those who want exceptional results, you fill out our Reality Check Sheets showing your daily food and lifestyle details which you send in to Jason each month.  Jason then gives your personal feedback on where you are doing well and what you need to change to achieve your goals.

Feel Alive Plan group

Lotus Personal access to Jason via email for specific health questions you may have. Jason provides personalised feedback via email to assist you in overcoming your stumbling blocks, achieving your goals, and creating new ones along the way. Jason’s job is solely to support you in achieving your health goals. That’s it.

Lotus Sharing, collaboration and inspiration with a community of like-minded others. You have exclusive access to our community forum just for members where you can share recipes, successes, challenges, thoughts and Jason will regularly blog and comment too.

Visit our FAQ page for answers to the following common questions:

Do I have to sign up for the whole 12 months?
What does it cost?

Are there any hidden costs? Do I have to buy anything else with this programme?
What appliances do I need to get the most out of the programme?
Can I follow the Feel Alive Plan at my own pace?

What The Feel Alive Plan is Not

This programme is not about getting medical advice.  Jason is not a doctor and it is not about drugs, shortcuts or wonder pills.  It is not The Atkins Diet, The Zone, The Western A. Price Philosophy, The Blood Type Diet, or being a strict raw vegan.  Rather, it is the sharing of and learning about the power of nutrition, lifestyle and fresh plant-based foods from hundreds of healthy centenarians.  It covers research, and ‘trial and error’ from millions of vital people all over the world.  We are all about inspiring people to take control of their health and wellbeing in a very empowered, yet guided way.  If you are concerned about your health or worried about the programme in any way then we recommend you talk to your own health practitioner first.  It may be the programme is not right for you. 

Flick us an email if you have any questions.  If you're not ready but you know friends or family that may be interested, please feel free to pass this information on. 

Ask yourself - just what do you want to look and feel like in 12 months’ time? If you are interested in achieving exceptional health, we recommend you participate right now.

Now is your chance to jump in and be a part of it all!  Change your environment.  Change your health the way you have always talked about doing.  You can alter your life direction and become the healthy you that has been beaten down by life.  We can’t wait to help you gain control of your health, wellbeing, energy levels and weight. 

Remember: Register for 12 months, pay for 11.  Bargain!  Or just pay monthly in advance and see how it fits.  Once we receive your registration form; you’ll be added to the mailing list and you will then be participating in next month’s programme!  

We look forward to working with you to transform your health!

Eat well, get well and stay well,
Jason & Tracey

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"Loads of new ideas in my head, and some old ones still kicking about.  I've lost 2 stone (13kg) since November 1st.  I would wholeheartedly recommend The Feel Alive Plan to anybody and to everybody.  I would like to think anyone could do as well as me."
Cheree, UK, February 2012

"Thanks for all your help and support over the past year.  The Feel Alive Plan has certainly moved me out of my comfort zone and got me where I needed to be – on the path to long term health and wellness.  Also, I’m pleased to say, that my family have taken a few tentative steps along that path too..."
Darryl, February 2012 

“I'm just loving your Feel Alive Plan news & facts that you send through regularly, I print all of them out read them & put them in my folder & refer back to them.  I am understanding and learning soooooo much than I ever have before, food is really quite complicated - for me your information is a revolution!  I'm not one for writing very often but know the support you Tracy & Nicky offer is fantastic, you have kept your word & give amazing support, with the facts & Tracy's amazing recipes of how to cook.  Thanks to you all it's kept me very interested excited about food and committed to my life-changing way of eating.  You are all a part of me every day now…” 
Mary, January 2012

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"I have finished my first month on the Feel Alive Plan and it has been a fascinating journey.  Oh my does the journal of what I am eating have a few surprises for me.  It makes me really look honestly at what I am eating instead of hiding the bad habits under selective amnesia...  I am loving your recipes and have made several and found lots of new ones that fit in with the plan.  So thank you so much for your ongoing inspiration and support”
Sally, November 2011

“I have been doing the Feel Alive Plan for a few months, I have slowly been changing my food but even so I have noticed a huge increase in my energy levels, I work full days (7:15-4 or 5) with children so I am on the go all the time, I use to go to bed anywhere from 8 onwards, and sleep 10- 12 hours each night and it was solid sleep (nothing really would wake me), even when I was not working I struggled to stay up past 10pm without feeling shattered.  Now what a difference, I can stay up till around 10pm sleep 8 hours and be great.  I also during the last weekend of rugby world cup stayed up twice till 2-3am without having any alcohol and I felt great!  It was easy, I cannot remember a time from when I was little that I enjoyed staying up without help of alcohol and I do not get the same grumpiness I use to!  I am really glad I decided to do the Feel Alive Plan and can’t wait to see what results I will get later on”
Fiona, October 2011

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