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“Tried your Lentil Dahl (I'll be honest, I didn’t actually know what lentils were...) and as an avid meat eater every night, both my husband and I were amazed that we have made it 4 whole nights with no meat whatsoever.  The Lentil Dahl was awesome!  It's a whole new crazy way of life I never knew about!  We aren’t going to give up meat altogether but after this week we feel confident that we will actually not die if we only have meat 1/2 per week, if that.  Plus after three days I managed to drop a kilo, and I haven’t even exercised every day.  It’s the little things, this morning I managed to get up early enough to hang out clothes before work, I never have enough time, ever!  Sometimes the way the body works just blows my mind...  If these changes happen after four days, I can’t wait for four weeks, then four months.  

This. Is. Awesome.”
Liz, on thelifeplan,
September 2011

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