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Jason in Takapuna, 2011

Jason's Personal Story, 2013

Jason on Digestion & Bowel Health, 2011


Jason on CUE TV News, June 2012

Jason on Australian Breakfast TV, 2010

Jason in Ellerslie, 2009

Jason on Cancer, 2012

Vicki's Testimonial, 2013

Jason on Canterbury Live, July 2014

John Loveday's Testimonial, 2013

Jason Talks About thelifeplan

Shane on thelifeplan, 2013

Jason on TVNZ Good Morning, 2013

Jason on Fasting, 2011

In-depth Interview with Jason, April 2012

Jason on Alcohol, 2012

Jason's Son Atreyu Breaks a Guinness World Record, 2009

Jason in Ellerslie, 2012

Jason on Gluten & Allergies, 2012

Jason on Protein, 2011

Jason on Probiotics, Enzymes, Raw, Sprouted & Fermented Foods, 2011

Jason Interviewed in Australia, November 2012

Jason on Sunlight, 2012

Jason on Acid/Alkaline, 2012

Jason talks Health on CUE TV, 2012

Shane Talks in Detail About His Incredible Results on thelifeplan, 2013

Tracey Goes Coconuts, 2012

Thelifeplan Feast, August 2012

Meet Lincoln After 6 Months' Following thelifeplan

Thelifeplan Feast, Auckland 2012

Ngaire Talks About Being on thelifeplan

Thelifeplan Feast, 2011

Crystal Talks About Jason

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