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"What you have given me in terms of inspiration, knowledge and passion for implementing change is something I would struggle to put into words. I’m a pesco-vegetarian and find I perform much better without meat!”
James Styler, Christchurch, December 2011
(completed 2 ultramarathons, 10 marathons, more than 30 half marathons,
1st place 2011 Canterbury Powerlifting Champs, 1st place 2011 Canterbury Raw Powerlifting Champs)

“I am loving the lifestyle change. Your team's support is amazing. Keep up the great work”
Shane, on thelifeplan, 5 January 2012

We are constantly getting feedback from people who are participating in the thelifeplan, sharing their positive experiences. We have provided a good cross-section here, grouped into categories for ease of reference.

Vicki's Testimonial
Vicki's Testimonial, 2013


John Loveday's Testimonial
John Loveday's Testimonial, 2013

Shane's Testimonial (short version)
Shane talks about thelifeplan, 2013

Lincoln's Testimonial
Meet Lincoln after 6 months' following thelifeplan

Ngaire's Testimonial
Ngaire talks about being on thelifeplan

Shane's Testimonial (full-length version)
Shane talks in detail about his incredible results on thelifeplan

Written testimonials
Read what people have to say about how their experiences on thelifeplan by clicking on the links below:

JSB Lotus energy
JSB Lotus weight loss
JSB Lotus skin health
JSB Lotus modern lifestyle diseases (heart disease, asthma, etc)
JSB Lotus bowel diseases / digestive health
JSB Lotus general wellbeing

JSB Lotus recipes feedback
JSB Lotus seminar feedback

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“I have really enjoyed the programme and I am going very well on the healthy diet, yes I have had the odd flop but on the whole I have been quite disciplined.... hmmm surprising for an ex junk food junkie.  Thanks Nicky for your support and Jason and Tracey's inspiration!  I am already reaping the benefits of  thelifeplan regime.  Tracey's recipes are great, your support and well-researched information has been superb!”
Carl, January 2012

"Had a really long walk & included a visit to the doctor.  I have been going 3 monthly but this visit has extended it to 6 monthly and next maybe yearly!  Your LIFE plan is working YEAH!!!! Thanks so much”
Cheers, Ruth, November 2011

"The two hours I invested in listening to Jason that night have changed my life forever. I have done thelifeplan and I have lost 29kg and still losing, I am off Losec, off cholesterol meds and off my blood pressure meds! I am not snoring like I used to; I can breathe at night, I haven’t suffered from asthma and I feel I have more consistent energy throughout the day."
Lincoln, May 2011

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