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“On the brighter and greater side of life, we are still thoroughly enjoying our food, fasting and extremely good health. Both my husband and I are now both off all medications and haven’t been ill since starting on thelifeplan in June 2012. Aches and pains gone we are very active, no colds or flu, enjoying a 15.7kg weight loss and at 67 years of age, life is rather fantastic thanks to you, Tracey and the team.”
Philippa, February 2013
“You have really set up an amazing, supportive network backed up by true, up-to-date research. We feel like we've been let in on a big secret!”
Lisa, January 2012

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Quote from Jason

“Feeling great, lots of energy and very positive mood even early in the morning! (been a long time, felt down and irritated before starting the plan).  Great moment in the supermarket this afternoon, looked at the wines, normally buy a bottle for the weekend, I looked at it and thought ‘neh don’t need that’, that’s amazing!  Feels good not to be dependent on wine to wind down after a busy day.  I just did some maths: No wine for 4 weeks = saves me $40.  No coffee for 4 weeks = $80.  Total savings $120, so that’s me for the next LIFE plan month!  Fabulous!”
Hilde, February 2012

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