My Professional Story

I was sick, sick, sick.  Taking daily drugs and never well.  That was basically it.

I was invited to work in a healthfood store called Harvest Wholefoods in Grey Lynn, Auckland City in 1987 when I was 20 years old.  I had hair down to my bum and looked like a crazy hippy.  That must have done it.  This was the beginning of my education on food and health.  I learnt about wholegrains and legumes (beans, lentils, chickpeas and more), I learnt about muesli, I learnt about vegetables, juicing, fruits, nuts and seeds.  I had my eyes opened to a myriad of different foods from across the world such as hummus, tamari, miso, tempeh, umebushi, quinoa, amaranth, chia, spirulina, chlorella, barley grass and tahini. 

I was there for four years until I moved back to a little island called Waiheke and opened a health store there selling locally grown organic produce and a huge array of foods, herbal medicines, superfoods, supplements and more.

I then moved to work for a little company called Lifestream that sold spirulina and aloe vera juice.  I stayed there for 17 years until mid-2011.  When I started I was the sole sales representative.  I travelled around NZ knocking on doors educating stores about spirulina. 

Tracey and Jason Shon BennettMy wife, Tracey joined the company in 1997 and soon after I became Sales Manager and started building a sales team of people.  We launched lots of great superfood products such as chlorella, barley grass, ginger, astaxanthin, calcium, blackcurrant, psyllium and many more. 

The company grew and I started presenting on TV regularly which I continued for 10 years.  In 2000 I changed roles to be the Sales & Marketing Manager and then started travelling around the world presenting health and vitality seminars. 

I started writing my first book in 2006 after being told by a work colleague who had followed my advice and transformed his health that “you MUST write Jason, people need to know this stuff!”  So I started writing in my spare time and my first book (of five) should be published in 2013! 

Tracey and I also created thelifeplan in our spare time (while both working full time and raising four kids!) through sheer demand from the local community wanting to learn what we did to eat well, get well and stay well.  I changed roles in 2010 to become the Training & Marketing Director, whereby I was training and educating people on health full time. 

I resigned from Lifestream in April 2011 so I could dedicate myself 100% to serving and helping people to exceptional health.  

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