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“Hereditary factors don’t play a major role.  Lifestyle has the biggest impact. 
We do not inherit mortality to any great extent, but instead it is the sum of our
own habits that has the biggest impact.”

1913-2011 Men Study by the University of Gothenburg

Sick, Sick, Sick

I know what it is like to be sick, really sick.  The kind of sick where you think you are going to die and just getting through the hour is all you can focus on.  When you get that sick it takes over your life and means that everything you do goes through the looking glass of “can I do it?” or “will I be ok?” until you get to the point of questioning your ability in almost all areas of your life.  Your entire experience of being alive is dominated and limited by your illness, disease and body health.  You are busy trying to stop dying rather than being busy living.  Your ability and potential is dulled and the cost of the illness dominates your creativity, energy, expectations, experiences and choices.  Everyone has some health issues, they may be minor or they may be all-encompassing, but when you are as healthy as you can be, then you can do anything.  Someone once said that people want more money, time or prestige.  What I offer is more health.  Being genuinely healthy is the single most important thing there is as it gives you the freedom to be anything you want to be, to do anything you set your mind on and to travel anywhere you want to go.  To come from my level of sickness and medication, to the health I have now shows what can be achieved through simple dietary changes.  It also shows the incredible healing power of the human body.  My experience with extreme sickness and my return to exceptional health has given me my focus in life, my passion (apart from my love of family, friends, fun, music, movies and mayhem!), and my calling.  Your health is the cumulative experience of your lifetime.  Anytime you want to start working towards health, you can.  You are a summary of the last 7 years of food intake. 

If you have eaten hamburgers for the last 7 years then you are now officially a hamburger.

Jason's son with a bowl of berries


“Food is not the problem; food is the solution” is how someone so eloquently once put it.


How do you get well?

You change your diet and lifestyle. It really is that simple. I have worked with people who have reversed their asthma, skin problems, bowel disease and heart disease following my simple principles. Eat more plants, eat less overall, regularly fast, walk in the sunshine every day, give up the poison foods, get your bowels working 3 times daily, get enough sleep, lower the stress in your life and give up the crap food. How do you do that? The best way I know is to follow thelifeplan.

My way is not the only way

I do not profess for a moment that my way is the right way or the only way. It is simply what has cured me, completely transformed my health and made a dramatic positive difference for the hundreds of people I have worked with over the last 20+ years. The smallest changes to your daily routine can result in the most profound, powerful and immediate improvements to your health. This is where I can help. My aim is to educate, elucidate and inspire you to see foods for what they are; the immediate and most powerful solution to all your health issues. Foods are the single most influential factor in your energy levels, your skin, your vitality, your aging and your longevity.

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