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Tracey BennettFood, glorious food. Don’t you just love it?!  I certainly do.  If someone asked me 15 years ago "Do you live to eat, or eat to live?” I most certainly would have said “I live to eat!”  However, that was before I really understood how certain foods made me feel and before I experienced how sharp, energised and vital I felt when I avoided those foods. Now, if someone asks me that question, my answer is “I live to discover and make fabulous, delicious foods that will bring me health and longevity”.

I am not a chef by any means but I AM a cook who is passionate about food and creating, enjoying and sharing great food with others.  I want to feel fantastic and do the best for my body, but I am not willing to give up gorgeous gourmet foods to do that!  I am continuously amazed at the incredible selection of completely plant-based foods that you can now make that simply blow your taste buds away.  I just don’t feel deprived anymore as I have access to a whole new world of scrumptious foods that leave me feeling amazing.  And I can share them with you!

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  • Chocolate Mousse with Cashew Cream
    If you have a sweet tooth and are a chocolate lover, you're going to die and go to heaven when you taste this dessert.
  • Supreme Bliss Balls
    A sweet treat that goes in lunchboxes, is a nice after-dinner indulgence and they keep well in the fridge for a week or so.
  • Moong Dhal
    This is a classic, traditional Indian dahl with all the lovely spices and seeds and the ‘vaghar’ is made separately.
  • Summer Tofu Salad
    This simple but very tasty meal is a staple weekly favourite in our house – all six family members gobble it up and it is an extremely healthy, well-balanced plant-based meal.
  • Chilli con Bean with Cashew Cream
    Are you in the mood for a little Mexican? This dish is not sprinkled with copious quantities of grated cheese and lashings of sour cream but is delicious and you feel much better afterwards!

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"I just had to send you a quick email to say I'm LOVING these recipes!!! The hardest thing for me when trying to change old eating habits, is thinking up tasty, healthy meals day after day. You are making that task SO easy for me!!!
I've got choc blobs and orange buttons in my fridge right now alongside my home-sprouted mung beans, which are a HIT with the kids!"
Juliet, September 2011

"I made your Red Lentil Dahl this week – best dahl recipe I’ve made to date."
Yvonne, September 2011

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