What are Jason's credentials?
Jason's knowledge comes from 24 years' raising four healthy kids; 17 years' travelling, teaching and appearing on TV, radio and in magazines; 12 years' presenting seminars about food, nutrition and health; and six years compiling everything he knows into four books on health - the first is to be published in 2013. Through this journey he has become a health researcher and mentor....[more]

Where does Jason get his research and proof?
Jason has analysed hundreds of medical research papers from the 1800s right through to the present day....[more]

What is the Jason Shon Bennett 'thelifeplan' philosophy?
thelifeplan is about learning how to eat well, get well and stay well and how to achieve exceptional health. thelifeplan philosophy has developed and continues to evolve by following and learning from the oldest and healthiest peoples on earth. How do they live to become healthy drug-free and disease-free centenarians and what can they teach us? The Feel Alive Plan is about replacing modern toxic foods with healthier, natural, quality foods; without sacrificing taste....[more]

Why is your mentoring programme 12 months long?
Simply because it takes a year to fully heal the human body. Over 97% of your cells are rebuilt every year so if you want to really get well then it takes time....[more]

What would my doctor say about my following thelifeplan?
Your doctor has two jobs to do; get you well and keep you well. We have exactly the same goals. Your doctor would be very supportive of you learning how to eat better, more nutritious and wholesome foods and to be living a healthier more balanced and active lifestyle. thelifeplan is designed to teach you how to eat well, get well and stay well and how to achieve exceptional health....[more]

Why a plant-based wholefood diet?
A good, balanced, plant-based, wholefood diet gives you a longer, healthier life; a far lower risk of all disease, such as stomach cancer, bowel cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis and mental and cognitive decline....[more]

Can you really get your protein, calcium and iron from plants?
You can get your protein, iron and calcium requirements easily on a good, plant-based wholefood diet. The reality is that there are just as many meat-eaters with low nutrition levels in iron, iodine, calcium and B-vitamins....[more]

Do I have to sign up for the whole 12 months?
No, not at all. The 12-month timeframe is simply what is recommended for the maximum benefits and it contains the full programme. It takes 12 months to genuinely rebuild your body so you may as well build a healthy, mobile youthful one! If you wanted to become a world-class athlete you would train for a year, not six weeks....[more]

What does it cost?
To experience the potentially life-changing benefits of thelifeplan, the New Zealand cost equates to around $4 a day per person (less than the price of a coffee in most places). Given you will be educated on how coffee devastates your energy levels, your liver health, your youthful skin and increases abdominal fat storage and high blood pressure, you may find you are happy to pay for the course with your ex-coffee money!...[more]

Are there any hidden costs? Do I have to buy anything else with this programme?
No, thelifeplan programme is education about food and lifestyle, with recipes. There are no hidden costs such as steak knives or exercise machines required. It is just a thorough education on how to transform your health for good....[more]

What appliances do I need to get the most out of the programme?
We recommend some standard kitchen items to get you going such as a blender, juicer and a food processer. This is all you need to begin and there are other things you may wish to add as you go (like an ice cream maker to make amazing cashew nut icecream!)....[more]

Can I follow the thelifeplan at my own pace?
Absolutely. There are a number of things that we recommend doing while on the thelifeplan. However there are no rules as to how quickly and in what order you take on these initiatives. Where you are currently at and what you are currently facing with your state of health will determine whether you can begin doing all of these things at once or whether you choose to ease in slowly over the months....[more]

Has Jason written a book?
Jason's first book is "Eat Less, Live Long". It takes you through the basic journey Jason went on to get well, and what he learnt along the way from the world’s oldest and healthiest people - including their secrets to youthful vitality and longevity. It explains the concept of eating less, the lessons of the centenarians, and the power of Regular Intelligent Fasting®....[more]

Why is obesity and being overweight so dangerous to your health?
Let's look at the reality check on what being overweight will do to you....[more]

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