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Imagine if your staff were so engaged in their health and wellbeing that sickness and work absenteeism dropped by 50%.  What would that be worth to the bottom line? 

What if your team were actively engaged together; eating well, getting well and staying well? What would the culture of your business look like then?

Anyone who sits in a car to and from work and then on a computer all day is going to have health problems over time. Research confirms the obvious: happy, healthy and fit staff members are far more engaged in their work and more productive for the company. One recent Australian study found they bought an extra $2,500 worth of productivity per year with increased brain function and cognition alone.

Simply put, a healthier employee is a smarter and more-motivated one. The 2011 Health Ministry Adult Nutrition Survey also confirmed that healthy eating resulted in increased productivity and fewer sick days at work. For every three dollars spent, you get three dollars back in increased productivity.

Jason's Recent Corporate Seminars:

  • IAFGG Guest Speaker - March 2014, Calgary, Canada
  • Aro Ha First Guest Presenter – January 2014, Glenorchy, Queenstown 
  • Atlanta HealthCare – December 2013, Auckland
  • Sara Lee – November 2013, Auckland
  • Buller High School Kapa Haka Fundraiser – August 2013, Westport
  • Baby & Child Show – August 2013, Auckland
  • Les Mills Diabetes Group Fundraiser - August 2013, Auckland
  • Josephite Retreat Centre – May 2013, Wanganui
  • The Healthy Living Show - November 2012, Viaduct, Auckland
  • Sunshine Coast University – May 2012, Queensland, Australia
  • ASB Stadium – May 2012, Whangarei
  • Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA) – April 2012, Massey University
  • Holistic Cancer Congress – April 2012, Auckland City  
  • Aztec NZ Limited – December 2011, Ellerslie
  • Holistic Cancer Retreat – December 2011, Albany
  • Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA) – November 2011, Auckland
  • Sara Lee – November 2011, Auckland
  • Accessable – November 2011, Auckland
  • Hardy's Public Seminars – October 2011, Keri Keri to Christchurch
  • Clinical Nutrition AGM – September 2011, Auckland
  • Wellpark Naturopathic College – August 2011, Auckland
  • Deco Cities Pharmacy Public Seminar – June 2011, Napier
  • Radius Pharmacy Conference – May 2011, Wellington
  • Health Retailer Training – April 2011, Brisbane
  • Health Industry Training – February 2011, Melbourne
  • Vantage Pharmacy Conference – September 2010, Fiji

Stuck on a problem at work? Did you know that a quarter of the global workforce is depressed? Do your staff realise that often the best way to solve a problem could be to simply stand up and take a quick walk around the office block or production facility? Just standing doubles your calorie-burning.

The bottom line is that you have to role-model this kind of behaviour as part of the company culture, values, mission, behaviour and leadership.

Seminar Highlights, Takapuna 2011

Jason teaches people how to eat well, get well and stay well. The aim is to transform people’s health and thereby enrich their experiences of life in all aspects – at home and at work. Jason has an engaging manner designed to impart knowledge and to empower people to make the small changes in their lives that will make the biggest difference to their health, energy levels and vitality. Jason is inspiring, motivating and very real in his approach. He gives an entertaining, yet sobering look at the state of our health in New Zealand – and what we can do about it.

Corporate Client's quoteJason can tailor his seminar topic and length according to your organisation’s interests and requirements. Jason can deliver two-hour-long, one-off seminars or a series of shorter topic-related seminars. He is available for corporate mentoring of staff or for company health programmes of any kind. All of these services are designed to genuinely and immediately transform the health of employees, making a happier, more-motivated and productive team. A group dynamic when staff members are tackling a health transition and transformation is a very powerful tool in the motivation and inspiration of all concerned. 

To discuss options relating to corporate seminars, contact us with your details and we will endeavour to get back to you with a proposal within 24 hours.

Jason Shon Bennett

"Forty years ago athletes were told if you drink water it's a sign of weakness. We are still living in an old-think culture in business. We understand it intellectually but we do nothing about it behaviourally."
Dr. Jack Groppel, Exercise Physiologist, co-founder of the Human Performance Institute, Orlando

"After working with Jason I am getting angry less, my stress levels are down and I am able to handle work stress much easier.  Job interviews used to make me a nervous wreck but I am sailing through them now!  I am far more relaxed and efficient."
Verity, October 2010

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"A recent study from the 'Journal of Applied Psychology' suggests that a midday sweat may help you to combat on-the-clock stress.”
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"Companies that invest in a healthier workplace grow with a more productive work force.  Fit and healthy employees have less sick days and make more alert decisions.  A healthy workforce is a happier, more productive workforce”
Michael Jarosky in the
Sydney Morning Herald
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"Toilet yoga brings relief for office workers"
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