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Jason's New Book in Nielsen Top Ten Bestsellers List for March!

My name is Jason Shon Bennett and I am a health researcher and health mentor. After writing for over eight years in all my spare time, my very first book is ready to be shared with the world! And that includes YOU. Order your copy now >

If you could do a few simple things each day that would make a massive difference to how you age, how long you live, how healthy you are, how much energy you have and how you look... would you?
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Once very sick and on daily medication, I found a way to rebuild my body and totally cure myself through changing my diet and lifestyle. I have now been free of illness and off all medication for nearly 20 years. Learn my story 

I now find myself teaching different people all over the world how to eat wellget well and stay well and have exceptional health. I did it. You can too.  How? I have distilled my near 30 years of research, life experience and ‘walking the talk’ into a life-changing health mentoring programme called the thelifeplan. Join me.

Eat Less, Live Long by Jason Shon Bennett 

"This is a really useful book; I wish all my
patients could read it. I thoroughly
enjoyed it and found it hard to put down,
it is inspiring and empowering”.
Dr Mimi Irwin, GP
Auckland, New Zealand


"I feel very humble having finally got here. This book is for you; I hope it makes a difference to you,
your health and the health of those around you”.
Jason Shon Bennett

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